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With nearly 15 years of experience, the Muñoz Remodeling team has the knowledge and skills to tackle any type of remodeling project, large or small. From kitchen and bathroom renovations to complete home remodels, Muñoz Remodeling has the experience and know-how to get the job done right. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so you can be sure you’ll be delighted with the results. If you’re looking for the best remodeling contractors in Cookeville, TN, look no further than Munoz Remodeling.

Muñoz Remodeling was founded with the goal of helping people transform their lives. The family-owned company joined the Cookeville, TN home remodeling industry as a residential renovation and restoration company and continues to create commercial and residential projects. We focus on exquisite designs, high quality products and exquisite workmanship. We are a full service professional remodeling company designed to design high quality spaces for your home or business.

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From an Imagined Vision to  Reality

We know there are many factors to consider when choosing a construction company to complete your next remodeling project. Enjoy a seamless process with our dedicated team of experts who will be available every step of the way to create a successful whole home renovation.

Meet and Measure

Contact Munoz Remodeling and we will discuss the overall goals of your remodeling project. As expert home remodelers, we will ask you questions specific to your project to ensure we customize your home redesign to meet your needs. We will then meet with you in your space to learn more about the renovation you are dreaming of, take measurements, and discuss your desired budget.

Design and Quote

In order for a remodeling project to be successful, it is important to solve as many of the client’s current issues with the space as possible and to include or create elements that the client wishes were present in the space.
the client’s current issues with the space and include or create elements that the client wishes were present in the space while developing a budget that aligns the two.
while developing a budget that aligns the two.

Build and Install

Our construction team works together to create your project using modern construction techniques and materials while blending them into the current home. Our clients can appreciate
can appreciate their custom residential remodeling projects for years and years to come. Remodel for life.